Attention to coverage within the established deadlines: how to guarantee the infrastructure and

human resources needed to ensure attention to the demand?

Incorporation of private children's gardens into the new compulsory scheme: what

requirements to establish and under what mechanisms to incorporate schools that do not have


School Education

National Education

the recognition of official validity by the Ministry of Education?

The event that triggered its inclusion in the current national educational policy agenda was the presentation, discussion and approval of the constitutional reform project that

  • He granted it a mandatory character
  • Training path: Psychopedagogical
  • 1st semester Bachelor's degree in preschool education

In relation to the evolution of pre-school education, although it appears as a concern of

governments, society and educators since the year 1880, it is around 1903 when it begins to have

a growing presence within the national education system.

Current Problems In Preschool Education

The approved initiative establishes that the State will have to provide quality preschool education throughout the country. In addition, a set of tasks that must be carried out by the educational authorities of the country are pointed out and hence the current problems that are presented below.

  • Formulation of a new curriculum (plans and programs, educational materials,evaluation): what pedagogical model to adopt? What characteristics must it have so thatbe sufficiently flexible, inclusive and adaptable to the diversity of situations andpopulations?
  • Adoption of strategies for training, updating and professional development of teachers and managers, what scheme to adopt to ensure that teachers take ownership of the new proposals and enroll in a dynamic of constant improvement?

The establishments whereprovided this type of education: kindergarten, kindergarten and kindergartens, which is the name with which it is identifiedthe schools of this level at present.